Take full control of supply, inventory management, processing, packing, waste management, sales and profits across your warehouses. Supervise all processes effortlessly and efficiently, even from a remote location

Warehouse Assistant is fully integrable with the Harvest Assistant and the Distillery Assistant modules. Close the circle of optimization and efficiency improvement by monitoring all warehouse-related processes and take your farming operation to the level of agility, required by the current business conditions

Warehouse Assistant
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Simplified and Automated Warehouse Management

Automated batch numbering, tracking and cost calculation for all movement of goods;

Waste management capabilities;

Precise product cost and profit calculation;

Orders and sales management with status updates and improved communication between the back office and the warehouse teams.

Put Everything in Order, With No Limitations

Manage multiple warehouses;

Unlimited users with advanced user hierarchy and role management;

Unlimited items in stock;

Unlimited database and server space provided by a high-security Google data center.

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Based on cutting-edge technology,
reliable and secure

Competitive prices and flexible payment models

Competitive pricing
flexible payment models


24/7 professional support in all stages of your agricultural operation

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