The most efficient irrigation method for both drip and sprinkler systems implies using the exact amounts of water and fertilisers, only when necessary

Avoid excess water stress, maximise crop quality and resource utilisation with precise application of water and nutrients in accordance to the phase of growth of your plants. Level up from the simple timer-based irrigation systems and make intelligent agricultural decisions, based on actual field parameters

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Improve Efficiency

Up to 40% economy of water resources;

Up to 50% optimisation of electricity, diesel or other energy resources;

Sustainable crop development with 20 to 55% increase in yield;

Significant increase in environmental compliance.

Benefit from technology

Based on IoT technology. All you need is mobile Internet connection;

Covers vast areas without wiring infrastructure;

Allows real-time soil analysis and remote water valve operation;

Operates on solar-powered components with 5 years battery life.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Based on cutting-edge technology, adaptable to the specific needs of your crop

Competitive prices and flexible payment models

Competitive pricing
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24/7 professional support in all stages of your agricultural operation

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based on actual field data